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Early Saturday NFL prospect Dak Prescott was allegedly pulled over in his 2016 Cadillac Escalade  and arrested for a DUI. This news comes six weeks ahead of the NFL draft. Lifting him up and continued prayers that someone if he allows can step up and mentor him during this stressful process.

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Apparently in a recent tapping Khloe K went on to question what she considers a new celibacy Hollywood Trend that has taken root. She went on to question if Singer #Ciara is putting together a PR package considering that she has an 21 month old son and no one would certainly expect to question whether … Continue reading

Vick Signs As A Nike Athlete

No one said this road would be easy. Mr. Micheal Vick is on the road to redemption due in part to his remarkable gifts. It was recently reported that Nike has resigned Vick to a new contract. In the face of adversity due in part to bad choices Vick stood and waited patiently and it … Continue reading