Politics and the Gospel- #VickieYohe and others 

This weekend was quite busy for Gospel Singer Vickie Yohe she took to Insta to post a picture of Jesus headed back to the White House with suitcases in tow. Many people took offense to this post. 

Here are but a few references to the post:

1. Jesus never left the White House because He is omnipresent. 

2. Jesus never has baggage.

3. Jesus is not a white hitchhiker. He has walked. 

4. Jesus is not a republican nor a democrat.

Listen I know that we have our candidates of choice but let us caution you about what might come across a subtle bigotry. Focus less on politics and more purpose. The church is at a critical crossroad and if Jesus is truly at the center let us focus on what unites us and it should be our love for Christ.  You can be and authentic Christian but avoid the vain aggression it hasn’t accomplished anything but division. 
UPDATE: Vicki Yohe issues apology.

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