Trending: #AyeshaCurry Relationship Goals


A few days ago Ayesha Curry started trending, for those of you who don’t know Ayesha is the wife of Golden State Warrior NBA Baller Steph Curry. Actually noone had an apparent idea as to why she was trending along with the recent nude post of Kim Kardashian. Someone suggested that more women needed to focus on being more like Ayesha rather than Kim and that is where the trend took off.

Ayesha frequently posts videos of husband, kids , even mashup videos. She also managed to encourage her husband after a recent loss. Some women chose to mock these actions while some men have indicated that this is what they are in such of and even what they need in a companion and potential spouse.

I’m reminded of a Bob Dylan song “Times a Changing,” but we can’t let time change too much by ignoring the needs of our preferably spouse in pursuit of social media likes. Ayesha constantly displays love and affection in the life of a marriage and by all means that is her choice. We commend her for putting her love for her husband for the world to see because in reality black love, marriage are all still important in todays society. So instead of bashing her take a moment and spend some much needed quality time with your husband and or wife you will see that it is time well spent.

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