Class is in Session: #DonaldLawrence takes us to school


Dr. Donald Lawrence decided to give us a lesson via instagram. Take a read into the repost there is so much to gain:


“Singer/Songwriters IF you have created the lyrics and melody of a song BUT you don’t play keys the song is 100% yours. You are the Author (lyrics) and composer (melody). A song is made up of 50% lyric and 50% melody. 

Now if a beat-maker or a track-maker gives u music that “inspires” YOU to write a melody they DO acquire co-ownership in the copyright BECAUSE the music inspired the composition (melody) which caused you to write the lyrics.
Musicians a pre-existing melody (composition) and lyrics (Author) is NOT inspired by your latter addition of accompaniment (chords and progression). What am I saying? Putting accompaniment (Chord & progressions) to an existing “Melody & Lyric” (The Composition) does not afford you a percentage of the copyright (song ownership) UNLESS offered or previously negotiated by Author & Composer.
Singer/Songwriters who don’t play keys I suggest you establish the terms before having a musician demo songs. Do a “Work for hire agreement” unless YOU want to give musician a percentage of composition.
Adding accompaniment is considered arranging, just like a string arranger or a horn arranger and you are compensated with a fee NOT a percentage of the copyright AGAIN—> UNLESS offered by Author/Composer–> melody & lyric.
THIS IS NOT based on MY opinion but “Copyright Law” Just dropping a little songwriting biz knowledge 😁😁😁 IF you gon do this—->
#studyandshowyourselfapproved “

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