Prayers for #AirASIA Flight 8501

Search and rescue operations have begun as air traffic control lost contact with AirAsia flight QZ8501 bound for Singapore from the Indonesian city of Surabaya on Sunday morning. Passengers on board the Airbus A320-200 include 155 130 adults, 24 children and one infant. Indonesian media said 149 Indonesians, three people from Korea, and one each … Continue reading

In the Name of Freedom … Available for Download Now: The Interview

The most talked about and searched movie on the web “The Interview” to be shown at select theaters. Sony has been on sort of a roller coaster as it relates to this Movie. They even hired real life “Olivia Pope” Judy Smith to help them bounce back from this crisis. Looks like they refuse to … Continue reading

Shanice Makes a Come Back with Some Gospel Roots: New Single/New Video

The song “Gotta Blame Me” was recently debuted on Shanice’s reality show, where she stars along side her Husband and their family on the Oprah Network series, Flex and Shanice. This song was produced  by the talented B-Slade whom many of us Know as Tonex. In this song Shanice acknowledges that she made some poor choices … Continue reading