Tools You Can Use For Musicians : DSS Sustain Single Pedal

Curtis Ellis, CEO of CMEWORKS-DSSP, has found a way for musicians, specifically keyboardist, around the globe to enhance their performances. Ellis created the Dual Sustain Single Pedal (DSSP), the only pedal on the market that can sustain two keyboards at the same time. The DSSP is designed for keyboards, synthesizers and workstations that use one pedal to sustain two keyboards

The DSSP is an essential tool for keyboard players who play stacks (two keyboards). Some find it challenging to use multiple pedals due to it limiting their performance. However, the innovative DSSP is designed for just that purpose. The DSSP has two lines coming from the mold of the pedal and easily connects to every brand of keyboard. Thus, eliminating the need for two pedals by replacing them with one sufficient, beautifully crafted S-series sustain pedal.

There are countless numbers of professional keyboardists around the globe who own DSSPs. Many of them play for some of the biggest names in music and entertainment, including Anthony Williams (Keyboardist for BET Bobby Jones Gospel), Evan Brice (Keyboardist for Usher), Anthony Miller (Keyboardist for Alicia Keys) Brittani Washington.

For more information on how to purchase this pedal please visit

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