Getting to Know The Showers: A Family Affair


Louisiana is known for its southern hospitality, historical charm, and mystic energy, but also harbors yet another natural phenomenon; THE SHOWERS. When they use the word “family” in their moniker, they are using it in its most, literal sense. THE SHOWERS comprised of a group of 10 siblings (six sisters Regina, Angela, Tiffany, Ciara, Tabitha, and Melody and the four brothers- Bobby, Timothy, Titus, and Thaddeus, who are determined to share their ministry with the rest of the world.  Growing up with a wise pastor for a father and a missionary for a mother, “our lives were Christ-centered, so  spreading  the word of God through song is not only what we want to do, it’s what we were born to do,” says member Titus.

After  thirteen  years  of  singing  everywhere  from  concert stages,  porches, in backyards and at every church function imaginable, THE SHOWERS were led to take a leap of faith and embark upon a professional music ministry that would allow them to minister to audiences worldwide with the release of their first music CD,  HEAR MY PRAYER on Aquila and Priscilla Records.

According to elder sibling Bobby who penned or arranged most of the songs on the project, the core of their message was inspired by Psalms: 39. “The bible tells us that David couldn’t refrain from speaking, and he asked the lord to make him to know his end and measure of his days. We- who are like David understand that we can’t refrain from singing His praises and realize that the gifts embedded in us will not allow us to hold our peace.  Each song on our new CD ministers a unique message and each message  becomes a catalyst for someone wanting to know more about Christ, and then our efforts are not in vain.”

“This project and  our  purpose for doing this project has been a lofty yet worthwhile experience. We couldn’t do this alone. We needed each  other and moreover God’s love and mercy to guide us. This isn’t work, it’s a message and we won’t stop until the world has heard” says Regina.

THE SHOWERS sold several thousand units of their 2009 HEAR MY PRAYER project, and also made “The Rejoice Musical Soul Food’s” radio playlist. In 2010 THE SHOWERS captured an En-Sound Music Award “Best Traditional CD of The Year” and in 2011 garnered a Rhythm of Gospel Award for “Best Traditional Song of The Year”, for the single “Jesus You Died.”

One thing for sure is the best thing about time is growth and THE SHOWERS have matured over the years as a group, they will display this growth in their forthcoming sophomore project slated to release later this year. The project is produced by GRAMMY Award Winner Myron Butler (Smokie Norful, Tamela Mann, Marvin Sapp) and Bruce Robinson Jr. (Justin Bieber, Britney Spears) and it also features sensational vocalist Lowell Pye, formerly of Stellar award winning group Men Of Standard and John P. Kee and New Life Community Choir.

Enduring the fight THE SHOWERS, works their hardest with every opportunity presented to be able to remain consistent with their goal to be His messengers of the good news and continuing the family legacy to move upon the very hearts and souls of listeners worldwide with their vocals gifts. THE SHOWERS will proceed to do the Lord’s work and minister to a plethora of audiences across the international globe and every open door placed in front of them

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