Bill Glass Champions for Life (CFL) has announced as part of its 40th anniversary in prison ministry the launch of a new line of cards celebrating a key message Bill Glass has given in prison yards and in the pulpit throughout the United States. Based on the blessing God gave Jesus at His baptism, Bill’s heartfelt “The Power of a Father’s Blessing” message has made a difference in healing estranged relationships with fathers, strengthening relationships with children, and being the defining moment for tens of thousands of inmates to accept the true love of their Heavenly Father.


The new card line communicates the three core truths of Bill’s sermon: Love, Value, and Belonging; and is designed to help fathers reaffirm their love for their kids even if they’re currently estranged.


“The Father’s Blessing has been at the heart of our ministry,” said founder Bill Glass. “The most important thing a father can do is to bless his children with his love and the love of the Heavenly Father and it’s our hope these cards will make it easier to do so.”


Each Father’s Blessing card purchased results in a FREE Father’s Blessing reconciliation card being donated at a future CFL Behind the Walls prison event to an inmate wishing to begin the healing process with their son or daughter.


“Nearly seven million children have a father behind bars today and the average age of this child is eight,” said Glass. “Many incarcerated fathers who come to Christ during our events look for a way to reconnect with their kids and these free cards can help get them started.”


Statistics indicate the Father’s Blessing is needed more than ever today. According to the U.S. Census Bureau the number of children living apart from their father has grown from 11% in 1960 to 27% by 2010. The Department of Health and Human Services reported in 1999 that children of fatherless homes are:


15 times more likely to have behavorial disorders 24 times more likely to run away Nearly seven times more likely to become teenage mothers More than 15 times likely to end up in prison while a teenager

“The inmates we talk to recognize the effect not having a father at home had on the choices they made,” said Jim Marvine, CFL executive director. “These cards will help start a dialogue with their children again which is the first step for rebuilding their father-child relationship.”


Launching the cards on Father’s Day provides an opportunity for dads living at home or away to recognize their children and give their blessing on a day usually reserved for receiving gifts and cards.


“We chose to launch this new line of blessing cards on Father’s Day as a way to get the word out,” said Marvine. “But the beauty of these cards is a father can give one to his son or daughter any day of the year.”


The Father’s Blessing card line includes card options for sons and daughters. Each card costs $3.95 which includes a donation for a free Father’s Blessing reconciliation card for an incarcerated father to give to his son or daughter. Cards can be purchased through participating area churches and online. For details visit


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