Kirk Franklin Partners with The American Heart Association Launches Fearless Tour

Gospel music superstar Kirk Franklin is preparing to hit the road with his ground-breaking nationwide Fearless Tour beginning November 1, 2011. Franklin is scheduled to visit fifteen states in four weeks.

The tour will feature special guests Isaac Carree, BET Sunday Best 2011 winner Amber Bullock and Verity Recording artists Deon Kipping and Jason Nelson.  Franklin will be touring in support of his 12th and latest CD masterpiece, Hello Fear – featuring the chart-topping gospel song “I Smile.

Through dynamic performances and show-stopping moments, the Fearless Tour will give fans a chance to hear Kirk Franklin’s music as they never have before, yet still experience the creativity and high-energy that fans have come to expect from his powerful performances.

“I have learned so much. I want to take those lessons as well as my own experiences as a man who grew up with one foot in the church and one foot in the streets, and use that to connect with this generation.”-Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin Fearless Tour Dates (all dates are subject to change):
Nov. 1, 2011-Little Rock, AR*

Nov. 3, 2011-Tulsa, OK*
Mabee Center

Nov. 4, 2011-Houston, TX*
Arena Theatre

Nov. 5, 2011-San Antonio, TX*

Nov. 6, 2011-Oklahoma, OK*

Nov. 9, 2011-Birmingham, AL
Bill Harris Arena

Nov. 10, 2011-Montgomery, AL

Nov. 11, 2011-
Atlanta, GA
Fox Theater

Nov. 12, 2011-Greensboro, NC
War Memorial Auditorium

Nov. 13, 2011-Columbia, SC

Nov. 15, 2011-Akron, OH
Civic Theatre

Nov. 17, 2011-St. Louis, MO*
Fox Theatre

Nov. 18, 2011-Chicago, IL*
House of Hope

Nov. 19, 2011-Indianapolis, IN
The Venue

Nov. 20, 2011-Pittsburgh, PA
Soldier Memorial Hall

Nov. 23, 2011-Detroit, MI
Greater Grace

Nov. 25, 2011-Philadelphia, PA
Keswick Theatre

Nov. 26, 2011-Baltimore, MD
Lyric Theatre

Nov. 27, 2011-
New York, NY
Best Buy Theatre

*American Heart Association sponsored tour dates

For additional information about the Fearless Tour, Hello Fear and Kirk Franklin, please visit

Kirk Franklin is once again partnering with the American Heart Association’s “Power to End Stroke” campaign to increase awareness and to educate the African American community about their risk of stroke — the third leading cause of death of all Americans and a leading cause of long-term disability among African Americans.

Franklin will use his voice to help his fans understand that stroke is largely preventable by watching your diet, getting regular exercise and not smoking.  He also will share the importance of knowing your individual risk factors, such as family history, high blood pressure or diabetes, as well as working with health care providers to manage risk.

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