What The Faith Community Can Learn from Ashton Kutcher.

image credit:CBS

Alot has been written about Ashton Kutcher in the past two weeks. We reserve to focus on the less obvious and that being the skills of Ashton Kutcher as it relates to marketing, branding and placement.  I must say that either Asthon is highly intellegent or that he has a team that is amazing. Let’s be honest the acquisition of Ashton to the cast of Two and A Half Men sent shockwaves across television and one being that he is a bankable brand when he speaks for we listen. Check your timeline and he might very well be in it. If I’m not mistaken he even encouraged Oprah to join and the next day twitter shut down so yeah he is the Oprah of twitter on so many levels. Ashton was on twitter when he didn’t have film projects and when he did we wanted to see what was happening. He managed to bring us to his reality. In the face of rumors he was his own spin doctor changing the tide, he became his own PR person and he does a great job at it.

 Now let’s get back to CBS they seemed to be a bit tiffed when the image of his pc popped up with stickers of companies that he has invested in now come on I think you all could share in this pie eating contest. The truth is that you all have benefited from his technology investments and his social nature so my advice to you is let the man work and saddle up because this will be quite a ride. Just imagine tuning in to all those tech commercials. He might even get Mark from Facebook to finally spend his money on something other than the internet and bison burgers. 

My advice to artists, pastors, and the faith community take control of your brand, and in the words of apple: Think Differently. I have always said that this is the time for the new artist who can get sponsorships from mainstream brands.

1. Have an objective in mind

2. Connect with your fans (Dont just ask them to add you, you can add them as well)

3. Be prepared that this relationship with fans will never be the same

4. Think product placement (it’s okay, if you believe in your sponsors product)

5. Remember that there are people out here who value what you say

Sidenote: Vickie Winans is one of the only ones who plays her networking on Ashton Kutchers level, I think she might have to look out for her grandson Marvin WinansIII with the right objective he could be on her heels.

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