yolanda adams in the news http://bit.ly/4x2TB9

Civil Rights Lawyer reports to prision today??? http://ping.fm/Wkbdj

raw footage from a jury member at the los vegas courthouse where a shooting took place http://ping.fm/KVo9v

release date and artwork set for Sho Baraka @LionsandLiars @reachrecordshttp://ping.fm/dGY6F

4 year shot and killed while in church http://ping.fm/Y7uM9

Pastor makes monetary requests online and surpasses request http://ping.fm/XrPlq

jayz releases controversial video of 2010 Artistic or Demonic??? http://ping.fm/17fxN

hear what pastor justin cox has to say about kanye west: http://ping.fm/vOQiC

Kanye West says that he sells his soul to the devil and you’ll never guess for what http://ping.fm/MPjzD