Breaking News – Mary Mary

picture courtesy of gospel spectrum copyright 2009

picture courtesy of gospel spectrum copyright 2009

Well the gospel duo Mary Mary has been touring but it seems like being on the homefront someones managed to get a bun in the oven.  Well to tell you the truth Tina didn’t fool me one bit, not that she was trying to.  During a recent interview and even back stage I noticed Ms. Tina had something she was holding back. 

Tina Campbell, of gospel’s duo Mary Mary, and her husband, Teddy Campbell, are expecting a baby boy. The red-haired singer, who refers to herself as ” the red Mary”, has this to say via her twitter page: ” The red mary is havn a boy…aaaaaahhhhhh!!! That’s my squad. Now I can quit the baby bzns, YES!-the red mary[sic]“, she said via her twitter page. In all, Tina and her husband, drummer Teddy Campbell, are parents to girls Laiah,5, Meela,1, and Cierra,15. Cierra is Teddy’s daughter from a previous relationship. This will be the first son for Tina and her husband.

Well congrats what a blessing, but let me just say this. If I could sang and my sister was rolling with me like batman and robin and we were on tour I mighta had to tell her something like why you had to gone an mess up my money, just kidding thats something Tina would say because she is absolutely hilarious.  I’m so happy for them now on that note I might have to quit this baby business too.

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