Drama for Corey “Coco Brother” Condrey and Rick Ross


Alright I ‘ve been hearing alot of talk on the net about Coco Brother, who has always been in the media spotlight due to his tremendous talent and his ministry Exodus whos focus has been revitalizing Youths relationships with God , more recently, his marriage to Gospel Singer Joann Rosario, and his new gig on bet as host of bet LIFT EVERY VOICE.  This uplifting contemporary gospel program brings music to your heart and moves your spirit. The show features music videos from the best in gospel music, from soloists to choirs. LIFT EVERY VOICE is guaranteed to fill the hearts of our viewers with inspirational, traditional and contemporary music.

Coco Brother has been no stranger to ministry due his focus on briding the gap between todays youth and christianity, he’s actually been quite successful being a bridge between mainstream secular artists and the church, recently on Lift Every Voice Coco brother interviewed Rick Ross the theme was Forgiveness and it focused on his personal relationship with God, as well as to his approach in terms of business, as well as to dealing with conflict, in particular the beef with 50 cent; well alot of Christians seem to have a problem with the approach and angle of the interview.  Now it is important to note that everyone has their own personal Jesus- in the words of Tonex, but everyone personal doesn’t equate to that personal equation as a means of one. First of all as a whole my relationship with Christ doesn’t just affect me, but it affects my family, as well as to those of you who look up to me and follow me as a fan.  I think thats when our role as witness takes on a greater responisiblity, just as a role as Pastor, or minister of the Gospel does as well look at how we respond to those types of actions when they hit mainstream media.

I respect the fact that Rick Ross has a relationship with Christ Jesus, as well as the I understand that he is a work in progress being in the body I don’t want to stifle his growth by condemning his relationship with stone, because I understand that I too am a work in progress, thats why my flesh must die daily.  Now some Christians have a problem with giving secular artists this type of stage because they feel that it promotes systematic hypocracy, with allowing young people to believe thats its okay to live a double life and maintaining a double standard- the reality being that its not okay.  So the question comes as to how to we come to grips with secular artists relationship with God? 

I often think about how hard it must  be for Pastors who Pastor these artists.  My prayer is that as these artist continue to grow in Christ so does their faith in knowing that the same God who gave some of them this Gift is the same God who will provide for them while delivering His message.  My prayer is also that as these artists tread the Christian market, with faith and belief in Christ Jesus, that we as a body support them.

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