Karen Clark Sheard Does what???


Oh Lawd it has finally come to this, The Gospel Industry is now turning to this, I can’t believe this but apparently its true and this will directly impact how Christians view this industry and how its judged by those in other places.  Well from Ministry to bank accounts its about time Church folk start recognizing that it is time to stand up and own yourself, glory to God. So here you have it.

KAREW (pronounced KAH-RUE) Records is the new joint venture label deal between Karen Clark Sheard, her husband, Pastor J. Drew Sheard and EMI Gospel. The deal will allow Karen Clark Sheard to own her masters and gain more creative control over the direction and future of her careers.

Karen Clark Sheard’s “dream team” will include entertainment attorney, Darrell Thompson (General Manager) to oversee day to day operations, and Cynthia Ellis (Asst. GM/Vice President) to coordinate marketing, publicity and touring. Karen Clark Sheard’s son, J. Drew Sheard II, will execute A&R for the venture.

“I am looking forward to continuing a great family heritage in music, which began with my mother Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, through this endeavor.”

Karen Clark Sheard says KAREW Records plans to sign new artists, but the debut offering will her own upcoming project; which she is currently in the studio working on production team, PAJAM and veteran producer, Donald Lawrence. The anticipated release is Fall, 2009.

The label is also planning to release a new Clark Family Christmas CD in October 2009.

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