Bishop Eddie Long Announces New Venture



New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, senior pastor, Bishop Eddie L. Long and actor, writer, director; Robert Townsend, have formed a partnership to launch Bell Town Productions. The Atlanta based company plans to make films, television shows, web based programs and; mobile content that are inspirational and positive. “Bishop Eddie Long is a visionary,” said Robert Townsend.

“When I met Bishop Eddie Long, we talked about all the negative images on television and in films. He asked what we could do to create something different, something positive, and out of that conversation Bell Town Productions was formed.” Robert Townsend is the creative force of the joint venture. Bishop Long provides the entrepreneurial support.

“It is my hope that Bell Town Productions becomes one of the world’s leading film and production companies in developing, producing and marketing innovative programming,” added Bishop Long. The company’s debut venture,” The Gospel Music Theatre,” is a web-based half hour series inspired by real life situations, current events and breaking news.

The series will also feature musical performances. Robert Townsend is currently casting a diverse group of actors, actresses and singers to star in the series; casting calls were held in Los Angeles and Atlanta in . The series is planned for release this fall. “This is just our first project, Robert Townsend explained, “but we are talking about creating more.

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