fastforwarding dvr to watch deitrick at trumpet awards

Internet trippin’ means time to stop working,lol

well folks lets say glory for the rescue of the Captain Phillips.

Sunday best shocked me with that 2 has to go business, made me mad to be honest. lol -Sunday Best (gs M. Wallace)

being nit picky, but the two have to go is gonna be John

preach mama nesby yeah, take it home let the church say yeah my place is on the front row- Sunday Best (gs M. Wallace)

folks ann nesby is ageless, man and mama can sing looking young like patti, i want to grow old and graceful, by his grace and look that good, lol

Boi a change has come and kill that falsetto babbby, you know I love it you got Roland Martin Shaking his head. gone boiiiii

Deitrick haddon on trumpet awards noooowwww folks tribute to My President..

Y’anna girl you got it be careful with your song choice its time to bring it, great message in words though-Sunday Best (gs M. Wallace)