Say it Ain’t So


Well after this media circus with Chris and Rhianna (two young people who are in our prayers) it seems like domestic abuse is on the rise or maybe we are just starting to pay attention, but now the unthinkable seems to have occurred according to the smoking gun Bebe Winans had been booked for a domestic dispute, now we must keep his family in our prayers and not be judgemental because we all have been guilty of falling short, this isn’t an issue of his salvation, this is an issue that we don’t know all of details to.  It is important that we respond to this ordeal with wisdom and understanding and hopefully we’ve learned something from this, just as Dr. Maxwell taught us on last week, so at this moment we speak all good things to this situation in Jesus name!

Morris Brown Closing Down:  My good tweep buddy Kim Tumey had a good point, how in the world are we gonna just let Morris get closed down when all it takes is one concert a month to keep it open.  Hopefully we as a people do our part in keeping this crown jewel open for many years to come.

PTWITTY;  Now don’t act like you too saved and you didn’t watch, the truth is  a whole lot of Christians were watching Ptwitty Tv (live streaming from P Diddy that aired at about 10pm on 3/19/09.  Diddy has definately emerged as a mover of all just as he did with his vote or die campaign he proved that your vote counts and it did in a big way.  Diddy has started his campaign for positivity and it has been a movement that has equated to productivity in every sense of the word, matter of fact he crashed Ustreams server.  During this stream Diddy admitted that he is a work in progress, but what was moving was what I like to call his personal Jesus quote: “Iwould ask jesus how was he able to sacrifice himself for us.” My response is these keywords: sacrifice, trust and confidence.  I always include these segments because we are guilty of buying into these marketable images and forget that these people we judge are too working to please God although they may seem torn its not our responsibility to be judgemental, but to show love to all.

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