What Would Jesus Do To AIG?


Well the past few days have been plagued with lots of outrage towards AIG and their payment of bonuses to employees and exec.  AIG argument is that they were contractually obligated to pay these bonuses, well the government is outraged and well they want answers or according to Charles Grassly”Give the money back or commit suicide.” well we don’t want anyone to do that.  This is the harsh reality someone dropped the ball and someone should have made sure that the contract did include a clause that disincludes bonuses. I mean how could someone miss that?  If AIG really forgot then someone over there in Washington should have said wait a minute lets protect the American Taxpayer.  I commend President Obama who wants to do something, but do we really want to start breaking contracts, and in closing lets think about something if that was your $2000 bonus check what would you do?  Finally what would Jesus do to AIG?

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